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Fully remote

We are planning to turn our successful book on Angular, React, TypeScript, Node into material for an instructor-led training course.

Would you be interested in helping us to make this transformation?

You would work with our course managing editor to turn the book material into a full instructor-lead course package. This will include instructor manual & slides deck.

We’re offering an advance of $2000 and a royalty of 8%.

You can also signup for being a reviewer in case you foresee time constraints. We pay $500 for your efforts in reviewing a courseware.

The timeline for both of these work is 6 weeks. i.e. 36 days.

We already have customers lined up for this product, so please contact us ASAP if you’re interested at

How to apply

Send resume, Github, LinkedIn and Skype ID at

Does this job really require Angular skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Angular.