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Fully remote

Howdy, is a website with short posts about front-end web development. We focus primarily on covering the big 3 frontend frameworks: Angular, Vue and React, as well as the tooling and ecosystem around these frameworks. I'd love to find an additional collaborator for Angular-related posts.

My goal is to find somebody that would be available to write on an on-going basis at a rate of about 1-2 new short posts per week.

The posts themselves are usually around 450-600 words with emphasis on code snippets. Posts that are very to the point without fluff. The tone is very casual and relaxed. The posts are written in Markdown, so the workflow is pretty straightforward.

I'm a pretty laid-back person, but really busy, so I'll be looking for someone who can be very self-directed, independent and produce content with minimal typos. No need to be an expert writer either because the prose can be kept really simple.

Looking forward to receive applicants!


How to apply

The easiest way to get in touch is to reach out to me using the form on this page:

Does this job really require Angular skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Angular.