Posted Feb 9, 2017
Top Solution srl
Torino, Italia

We're looking for a front-end web developer to join us on a variety of projects.

Our perfect candidate is

  • graduated in computer science
  • experienced on front end web development and knows AngularJS 1.3+
  • experienced on SASS or LESS
  • knows what we're talking about if citing NodeJS, Gulp, SASS, MySQL, AWS, Linux
  • happy to learn something new
  • rides motorbike, ski/snowboard and loves cats

Our main development stack is MEAN based, but we're not blaming you if you don't know what it means :P

How to apply

​Send résumé to with subject "NG-02-2016 apply"

Does this job really require AngularJS skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about AngularJS.