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Louisville, KY, USA

Do you have an interest in being a part of one of the largest, most reputable companies in the Louisville area? Do you have experience working with cutting edge User Interface technology and are ready to leverage those skills in a fast paced, enterprise environment? Genesis Solutions is looking for you!

Genesis builds great careers and helps companies grow through smart, personalized technology staffing solutions. Whether you want to get hired or find talent, our team is efficient, motivated and disciplined in its pursuit of identifying qualified professionals and consultants. Skills and ability, chemistry, cultural fit, compelling work, and even the commute, all make the best match. And for every successful client engagement, we make a charitable community pledge.

Are these your skills?

  • Expertise with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, AngularJS
  • Knowledge agile development best practices
  • Nice to have: Modern frameworks (Ember, React, etc)

Is this your background

  • You feel like you are not being challenged technically in your current role
  • Not enough opportunity for growth
  • Tired of contracting but looking for a home
  • Looking for a company with a better culture

How to apply

Send to

Does this job really require Angular skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Angular.