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New York, NY, USA


Catchafire is looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to define our mobile strategy and lead the implementation of the responsive redesign of our web application for skills-based volunteering. Our ideal candidate needs extensive frontend web development experience using established technologies like jQuery as well as modern frontend development frameworks like Angular and React. The candidate should also have experience setting up automated frontend testing and have used at least one backend MVC framework. Experience with Django is a huge plus. Beyond technical skills, Catchafire needs a self-motivated individual who can collaborate effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders both in person and remotely.


  • Work with Catchafire engineering team peers to develop and test new features using Javascript and responsive HTML/CSS/SASS within a Django application.
  • Help set Catchafire’s mobile strategy as we redesign our existing web application to support mobile devices.
  • Investigate and lead the adoption of new frontend technologies, championing frameworks and libraries that improve our codebase.
  • Determine best practices and serve as our internal expert on frontend technologies.
  • Review product specs, suggest changes to optimize for ROI, eliminate edge cases and improve UX.
  • Mentor other frontend and full stack engineers to develop their strengths and learn new technologies.
  • Work with Catchafire’s product team and other internal stakeholders to establish project requirements and delivery timelines.


  • Self starter: You are capable of taking charge on a project. You are always looking for new technologies to explore and new ways to improve processes. You lead by example.
  • Team player: You communicate effectively with others in person and remotely. You can explain technical subjects to non-technical people. You balance competing priorities and work well with other teams in an organization.
  • Strategic thinker: You are not satisfied accepting unstated assumptions or taking direction without critical evaluation. You work hard to understand the underlying purpose of each assignment and the rationale behind existing processes. You have opinions and are not shy about expressing them.
  • Craftsman: You are passionate about your code: its readability, quality, documentation and maintainability.
  • Pragmatic perfectionist: Though you are driven to improve poor code and systems, you nevertheless maintain productivity and ship in challenging environments. You prioritize the right improvements at the right time.
  • Humility: You like challenges and are happy to be proven wrong. You welcome every opportunity to teach or learn from others. You are eager to achieve and work at all levels of responsibility.


Must Have:

  • 5+ years experience crafting responsive web pages using HTML/CSS
  • 5+ years experience coding Javascript and jQuery
  • 3+ years experience integrating frontend code with modern web frameworks (Django, Rails, etc)
  • Experience with modern Javascript frameworks (Angular, React, etc), modules (RequireJS, SystemJS, ES6, etc), frontend devops (NPM, Gulp, etc), and automated frontend testing (Jasmine, Chai, etc)
  • Experience with version control tools (Catchafire uses Mercurial)
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors (Less, SASS, PostCSS, etc)
  • Experience working on consumer-facing web applications

Nice to Have:

  • Experience coding Django, KnockoutJS, and/or SASS
  • Experience working on native mobile applications
  • Experience working in the social good sector
  • Experience working remotely in a fast-paced work environment
  • Familiarity with SVG and web components


  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience
  • Comprehensive benefits

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