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Fully remote

Looking for an Angular developer with strong experience with complex web, API, REST experience. You must be dedicated to the project, to producing quality work, and be committed to completing a quality end product.

The selected candidate will have experience with complex applications, capable of addressing data load speeds, and well as, adept at addressing UX/UI design issues. Experience developing professional web applications that are mobile responsive.

Experience with:

  1. AngularJS
  2. Sass, Less, CSS Modules
  3. REST/JSON API client
  4. Node.js
  5. Python
  6. PHP
  7. Git, BitBucket, npm


Fluent in English (written/spoken), based in the United States. 

Be self-motivated and driven to produce quality work.

Proactive and capable of making strategic independent decisions based on approved design end goals.

Capable of raising issues and presenting multiple solutions to design concerns.

Include links to completed code examples, apps, and websites (must be live links/sites, not screenshots) showing your best work. The right candidate will be offered the opportunity to work on future improvements and the development of a mobile app.

How to apply

Does this job really require Angular skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Angular.